• Candid portrait of bride and groom
  • Bride and groom holding hands and walking through a dense forest with sunshine being the natural spotlight.
  • Bridal portrait from the back in monochrome
  • Family portrait with daughter
  • Pregnancy portrait in beautiful white dress
  • Shape of heart
  • Beautiful bride getting ready
  • simple and elegant portrait of bride
  • Beautiful bride beautiful smile
  • Connie and Patrick posing for pregnancy shoot in studio
  • Close up and film look of the bride in veil

“To me, it is not about the lighting nor the composition. It has to be more than that when it comes to photographing people. It is the raw emotions of the subjects coming off from an image that make it alive. A good portraiture must be both intense and intimate such that it reveals the unique qualities and the genuine feelings of the subjects.”

–Victor Sim