About Victor Sim

How it begins

Having spent almost a decade as a corporate finance solicitor, I have made the leap of faith to become a professional wedding and portrait photographer in late 2016.

Winnie posing for a simple, natural and elegant pregnancy portrait

Philosophy and approach

I have fallen in love with photography since I have memories. For me, nothing is more therapeutic than taking photographs and sharing the unforgettable moments with the loved ones. I think the best photographs are the ones that tell stories – the kinds that capture moments and preserve them like time capsule and bring back memories and feelings that stand the test of time. A great image is worth a thousand words and serves as a reminder to us how everything begins.

Beautiful elegant bridal portrait in the nature. Look at how soft and natural the lights are! Stunning model!

I prefer to work with natural lights but I also have a range of light shaping tools to help create beautiful lights when natural lights are not available. I shoot with digital cameras for most professional work. For personal projects or professional work that allows me to slow down, I shoot with Hasselblad film camera.

For portraiture (whether it is engagement, children or pregnancy photography), I think the interaction between the photographer and the subjects is crucial. I am more interested in capturing the raw emotions of the subjects rather than being obsessed in getting the perfect composition, lighting and poses and let the moments pass. Beautiful images please our eyes but it is those genuine expression of feelings that touches our hearts.

Enquiries and bookings

As a professional wedding and portrait photographer, I cannot express how deeply honoured I feel to be entrusted with the task of documenting the most meaningful stories of someone’s life and to bear witness and be a part of the dearest moments to them. I believe we all have stories to tell. So, tell me your stories and I will tell yours through my lens. If you wish to find out more about my photography or make a booking, please contact me here.